Fire damaged Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve sign

This year started off with a blaze – a fire blaze!

Fires have been reported from all over the Western Cape, but more specifically so within the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve. A fire that broke out near Sir Lowry’s Pass. It burned ferociously and destroyed numerous properties, including the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve sign at the start of Sir Lowry’s Pass.

As the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve Company it is our duty to maintain this unique biosphere. Being an NPO we rely on donations and assistance from the community, public and Department.

We would greatly appreciate your support in helping to raise R12,000 to replace the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve sign destroyed by the fire.

Please contact our Administrative Officer if you would like to help:

+27 (0)28 271 4792

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  Vol 4, Issue 1 – March 2017
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