Big Plans in Place for Grabouw


Campaign gets buy-in from young and old, all and sundry

Grabouw Beautiful Campaign logo

Grabouw Beautiful Campaign logo

Grabouw residents have adopted a new motto “I will no longer accept what I can’t change, I will change what I can’t accept”.

According to an article in The Compacta Newspaper, “with a lot of help by its residents, Grabouw is having a facelift”.

The article states that “the Grabouw Beautiful campaign was recently launched by concerned residents who decided not to complain, but to be proactive in cleaning their town.

“The aim is for all the town residents, regardless of age, sex and race to help with cleaning up the town by picking up litter and sweeping streets and pavements.”

As a part of the thus far successful cleaning campaign, learners from six schools in the Grabouw area earlier in the year participated in a project to paint waste bins that were subsequently placed on poles and planted strategically alongside the town’s streets.

The project also has the blessing of the local authorities.

Pieter Silberbauer, one of the organisers of the Grabouw Beautiful project, said (according to the newspaper) “I am overjoyed to see what can be done if we all take hands”.

Making good on the SA Liberation Promise

Park of Unity

Over the last year the many efforts to gauge community needs have been correlated, interpreted and formulated by the Grabouw Beautiful Campaign team into a plan of action which is founded on the Unity Project.

Whilst the concept is loosely framed on the Eden Project in Cornwall, UK, the Park of Unity Project will focus externally on enabling the sustainable use and preservation of the surrounding Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve and related Buffer-and Agricultural Zones in a captivating and galvanising demonstration of the Unesco “Man and Biosphere” concept.

We are fortunate to have many economic development opportunities which are by their nature intertwined with the well-being of our greatest asset – the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve – including eco and outward-bound tourism, education, forestry, fynbos harvesting, alternative energy generation, retirement provisioning, food production and processing.

Once realised through focussed local skills development and investment, these various potential business streams will drive the upliftment and regeneration of Grabouw and its environs, as well as the creation of viable long-term employment opportunities for its residents.

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