Imminent change and progress reports

Imminent Change

Imminent Change

Early in February I attended a SADEC MAB meeting (1-4 February 2016) in Botswana and a week later also the National MAB meeting in Pretoria (9-10 February 2016). Ruida attended a AfriMAB meeting in Ghana and also on our itineraries in this time were meetings of the Western Cape Biosphere Forum and the South African Biosphere Trust.

The South African National MAB Strategy and the MAB Implementation Plan served as our guideline to a larger or lesser degree, showing the importance of these documents that was accepted at the 10th National MAB committee meeting.

One of the issues that will certainly have an impact amongst others on the way we conduct our business is the representation of racial groups on our boards, as the perception is that the white population group is over-represented on this level.

Another one is the quality of our strategies and progress reports to higher levels.

Budget cuts are also going to affect us. We have already received notice from the Western Cape Government that our annual grant is going to be decreased substantially.

At the KBRC we have already started thinking about these issues, but hopefully we will come to some sort of conclusion at our meeting of 30 March 2016 when the board will discuss all of the above-mentioned reports in detail.

Any input from our stakeholders will be welcome.


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  Vol 3, Issue 1 - March 2016
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