Forum meeting on 19 August

KBRC Forum Meeting
Taking questions from interested members at the KBRC Forum meeting on 19 August in Kleinmond

I am glad to report that our regular forum meetings are going from strength to strength. The meeting held on 19 August 2015 in Kleinmond was well attended. Jo Kearney, our director responsible for development projects, and beneficiary Anthony Plaatjies kept us spell bound with a presentation on permaculture. This philosophy for agricultural and cultural development centres around the utilization of patterns and features observed in natural ecosystems. This seems the way to go with many of our community projects and we will certainly keep an eye on Jo to see how it is going to roll out in the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve.

I also enjoyed the interaction with members of the general public interested in our activities. The one question that came up and deserves more attention, is what happened to KOBIO. KOBIO was a civil society organisation that initially drove the public participation in the KBR’s application for UNESCO recognition and afterwards continued to promote public interest. However, a few years ago it was realized that there was confusion about the respective roles of the KBRC and KOBIO and it was decided to amalgamate the two bodies. KOBIO is now part and parcel of the KBRC.

Membership of the KBRC is free for all inhabitants of our area and we would like more people to join us. For those who would like to make a bigger contribution: we are working on the development of a membership programme that will offer more benefits to members at a certain cost. We hope to give more information on that soon.

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  Vol 2, Issue 3 - September 2015
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