Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve Company projects

The focus this month is on our KBRC Table Mountain Fund (TMF) projects as implemented by our implementing agency Catchment -2- Coast Projects NPC (C2C). For more detail, you can contact our office to contact our 2 project managers, Mrs Fiona Smith and Jo Kearney (both directors of the KBRC).

Our projects have selected several community-based organisations located within the Kogelberg biosphere Reserve (KBR) to be the beneficiaries of the small grants facility coordinated by the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve Company (KBRC). Under the auspices of the “Catchment-2-Coast Project” (C2C), this initiative is in the process of resourcing and empowering organisations to develop sustainable income generating projects.

The C2C Project is providing several organisations with equipment, infrastructure, capacity building, training and on-going mentor-ship in aspects such as removal of alien vegetation, environmental awareness and recycling, erosion mitigation, planting of indigenous vegetation, community food gardens and fire-fighting and preventative capabilities.  The initiative is addressing several challenges, including but not limited to:

• food shortages/food insecurity through the promotion of sustainable food gardening;
• identifying and implementing economically viable uses for alien vegetation; and

The utilization of recycled material for innovative craft products, packaging material and beautification of raw material for building components.  All the Project activities have been consistently underpinned by the dynamics of Conservation. Here are some of our existing projects:

Soulfood Harmony Centre (SHC) & Recycling Swop Shop (RSS)

Soulfood Harmony Centre
This project is still forging ahead full steam, providing ongoing weekly meals for destitute and hungry local youth as well as after-care facilities for youth at risk, in the weekday afternoons. Lynette has recently been elected as Ward Councilor and now has an even greater responsibility towards her community. As part of a community cleaning and greening initiative, Soulfood will be assisting 3-4 local home-owners to do a ‘garden-makeover’, encouraging and assisting these home-owners to plant veggies in all available spaces in their gardens, using tyres as veggie planters. Soulfood also support a number of youth that are in a rehabilitation process after substance-abuse. Working closely with Anthony Plaatjies of Permogrow Wood Creations, Soulfood will host a woodwork workshop in the upcoming holidays, where Anthony will teach a group of youth to build their own veggie-boxes. The households that participate in this initiative will qualify for a ‘garden-hamper’ from Oom Jack Johnson of the Green Phoenix Nursery. The garden-hamper will consist of seed, seedlings, small gardening tools, compost, fertilizer and home-made pesticides/herbicides made by the Earth-Chicas Youth Entrepreneurs. Furthermore, they will also qualify to attend a number of short-course in gardening, compost making, seed and seedling planting, to name just a few.

Recycling Swop Shop
Due to the significant challenge of not having a constant source of desirable products for the RSS, Lynette has temporarily stopped with the recycling program. TWK Recycling is busy assisting her to apply for funding that has been made available by the DEADP for the support of community-based, emerging recycling initiatives, such as Soulfood. Should Lynette’s application be successful, she would get a branded trolley that would assist the youth to bring in their recyclables, branded clothing and promotional material that might assist her to generate a fresh burst of enthusiasm from the youth.

Nu-Mountain Agricultural Primary Cooperative
Tannie Lillian Kriege

Tannie Lillian and her team have just completed a bumper onion and bean harvest, which they sold to the local community at Nuweberg as well as family and friends in Grabouw. This industrious gardening team are now busy clearing the veggie beds, preparing to boost the soil with compost early in March. They plan to let the soil rest until early April, when they will begin planting winter veggie crops, such as cabbage, broccoli, spinach and carrots. In the meantime, they will be propagation their seedlings inside the veggie tunnels.

Nu-Sun Farm Fresh
Oom Jack Johnson & Diane Simon

In total exasperation, Oom Jack and Diane have decided to reduce their vegetable production, for the time being. Over the past year their veggie production has been seriously thwarted by unattended cattle, constantly straying into their veggie garden and totally destroying veggie crops that have taken them months to nurse and nurture.

Green Phoenix Nursery (Pty) Ltd
Community Nursery

With the slowing-down of their veggie production, Oom Jack and Diane will be focusing all their green-attention to expand and further develop their community nursery. Part of their developmental plan is to expand the retail nursery to accommodate all the gardening needs of their local community.

Thandi Community Crèche (TCC)
Francina Plaatjies

With the severe water shortage in the Lebanon community over the past few months, Francina Plaatjies has really been challenged to keep the seedlings and produce in the tunnel provided with sufficient water. The children of the Crèche are still very enthusiastic about growing and harvesting their own veggies, especially when they can take some home to their parents at the end of the day. They are currently talking to a potential sponsor for a new 10, 000 litre water tank, to harvest rainwater in the winter and store water for the times when water restrictions pose a threat to their veggie production.

Lauren Hearne Permaculture
Home-based family permaculture garden

Lauren is also in the process of harvesting the last of her summer crops, such as spinach, cabbage and broccoli. She is especially proud of her spinach production as she was able to sell some of her surplus to local restaurants and farm stalls.

Permogrow Nursery & Wood Creations

Permogrow Nursery

Permogrow NurseryWith the 4x10meter propagation tunnel completed, Anthony has begun propagating seeds and seedling on demand for local nurseries, emerging gardeners/farmers in Botrivier community and even some niche products, such as Moringa seedlings for members of the alternative-healing community (Sangoma’s).

Permogrow Wood Creations

During the last three months, the veggie-box market has shown a steady increase, keeping Anthony quite busy with increased orders. Anthony has also experienced an increase in the demand for the products that he makes from harvested alien vegetation, such garden bed liners and fencing panels.

Temperance Town Primary School
Veggie-tunnel project

This veggie garden project is showing really good progress as it has been getting quite a lot of buy-in from the parents and local community. The project has also been visited by the local Department of Education who has undertaken to support the project with funding via the Department of Social Development. A local High School has also taken an interest in this project and has been supporting the project with surplus seed and fertilizer from their own gardening project. The project also has the continued support of the local Rotary Club, represented by Mr Vegard Isakson, and often used the project as a show-case for their involvement with local community Development. Once again the tunnel canopy is shown signs of wear-and-tear from the severe winds, however, Haygrove have very kindly offered to recover the tunnel as their CSI contribution to the project.

Earth Chicas
Started June 2016 and still going strong

Earth Chicas eco-soap

These youth entrepreneurs continue with their eco-soap and body product supply to local markets. Their most recent contract has been Stone Peak Mountain Lodge and Stud for whom they have been contracted to design a whole range of eco and body products.



Mooiuitsig Phambili Community
These three projects are still in the starting blocks and will officially become active in early April 2017

This project consists of three community-based Cooperatives located within the Mooiuitsig Community of Betty’s Bay. The three Cooperatives are still in the process of being registered. In the mean time the members of the prospective cooperatives will be invited to attend the EduCraft Micro MBA Entrepreneurs program that will be facilitated at the Mthimkhulu Village early in March. They will also receive training in the effective management of cooperatives, i.e. the roles of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

The three cooperative are:

  • Mooiuitsig Phambili Environmental Primary Cooperative
  • Mooiuitsig Phambili Construction Primary Cooperative
  • Mooiuitsig Phambili Handcraft Primary Cooperative

A great group of inspired entrepreneurs on day four of their Micro MBA Entrepreneurs training! Well done so far.

Village of Hope Permaculture Garden
This project was launched on 15 December 2016 and is still going strong

This project was completed at the end of December and the new growth in this ‘miracle garden’ is looking spectacular. The great advantage of this project is the fact that it has an automated irrigation system, with plenty of access to good clean water. The final touch will be done with the planting of x10 fruit trees in the designated fruit-forest, according to the permaculture design plan, done by Anthony Plaatjies and Jack Johnson.

Mthimkhulu Green Initiative (MGI)

After months of meetings and planning, it was a very exciting day when the digger loaders came onto the Mthimkhulu grounds to level the designated ground and remove all the unwanted tree stumps. As soon as the secure fencing has been put in place, the construction of the first greenhouse and herb gardens will begin.

Anthony Plaatjies and his Permogrow Green Team will be contracted for the initial construction and they will be assisted by the members of the newly formed Green-Cooperative that will be operating the fynbos nursery within the MGI project.


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