Dr Philip Fourie, Eunice Jurgens en Rey Liebenberg bespreek omgewingsake

Omgewingsake kry aandag by Kogelberg-forum

OUTREACH Omgewingsake bespreek Die vierde forumbyeenkoms van die Kogelberg-biosfeerreservaat wat op Woensdag 18 Mei 2016 by die Mtimkhulu Village op Kleinmond gehou is, het weereens goeie belangstelling gelok. Mense is bewus gemaak van die groot verskeidenheid van geleenthede wat in hierdie gebied vir natuur- en veldblomliefhebbers bestaan. Die twee sprekers wat opgetree het, was Eunice […]

UK tourist visiting Harold Porter Botanical Gardens after seeing South Africa's exhibit at the Chelsea Flower Show

Chelsea Flower Show

OUTREACH   For the record and before it is forgotten, I want to congratulate SANBI on the gold medal that was won at the Chelsea Flower Show for the display that had as theme Harold Porter Botanical Garden, gateway to the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve. It was great to be part of the team building the […]

Kogelberg perpetuated in Mint

Coin series

Full-colour coins Coin collectors must take note that the special Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve coin series was augmented with the recent issuing of two full-colour coins by the SA Mint. The series on the West Coast Biosphere Reserve was also released recently.

Rock Malachite

Julia van Schalkwyk’s progress report

RESEARCH Julia van Schalkwyk is progressing well with her PHD research project which investigates the conservation value of the buffer and transition zones for arthropods within the KBR. In particular, she is focusing on how local and topographic factors influence their diversity and the role deciduous fruit farming plays within the transition zone. Whether we […]

CREW in Hottentots-Holland

CREW Hottentots-Holland

RESEARCH   Amateur botanists in the KBR can think of joining up with CREW Hottentots Holland (Custodians of Rare and Endangered Wildflowers), a small group of volunteers who assist SANBI in the documentation of plant species in our area from time to time. They are given target species to look for but during outings they […]

Galled flowers go gray brown and look like clusters of dimpled mini seamines

Blackwood Acacia Melanoxylon melantarius spp.

RESEARCH Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of bio-control agents in combating invasive plant species, says director Edward Molteno. The flush of flowers on Black-wattle can be completely galled by an insect called Dasineura rubiformis so that no seed pods are produced, as is illustrated in the attached photo’s. The galled flowers go gray brown and look […]

The female pelagic octopus or Paper nautilus (argonaut)

The Argonauts hit our Shores again

CONSERVATION Nature. Always nature. Journalist Nadia Krige submitted this story: There’s a certain boredom that characterises this era we’re living in. Or maybe it’s fatigue. The constant barrage of information that has nurtured our curious minds, has also eroded our souls, leaving us aching for something … anything … that is unknown. In the dead […]

Seal at Rooiels

Seals at Rooiels

CONSERVATION Rooiels’s rocky shoreline seal colony One of the best-kept secrets of the coastal Overberg, according to Nadia, is a small seal colony that has made itself at home on one of the furthest reaches of Rooiels’s rocky shoreline. It was established a couple of years ago – no one can be sure exactly when […]

Leopard photographed by Van As Jordaan in Betty's Bay

Leopard sightings

CONSERVATION Can this area sustain more leopards? Leopard sightings and recordings by special camera’s in the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve occur quite commonly these days. On the one hand we are glad the Kogelberg seems to be a sanctuary for our special cats, but on the other hand there is concern about the capacity of this […]