Seal at Rooiels

Seals at Rooiels


Rooiels’s rocky shoreline seal colony

One of the best-kept secrets of the coastal Overberg, according to Nadia, is a small seal colony that has made itself at home on one of the furthest reaches of Rooiels’s rocky shoreline. It was established a couple of years ago – no one can be sure exactly when – with the arrival of a few adult seals and, in due course, grew to between 20 and 30. Then suddenly – around the end of 2014 – it suddenly burgeoned to a whopping party of somewhere in the vicinity of 160.

This wild stretch of coastline has, however, proven to be somewhat inhospitable and the large majority seem to have moved on, leaving a core colony numbering in the shallow 40s. Rooiels local, Wolfgang Steinbach cites the exposure to extreme weather, hungry Great White sharks and even Orcas roaming the waters of False Bay as the most likely reasons for this mass exodus.

Fluctuating numbers aside, their almost mystical presence is good reason to clamber over the sharp coastal rocks to take a closer look. Steinbach takes groups for viewings every so often. Give him a call on 082 823 6821 for more details.

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  Vol 3, Issue 3 – November 2016
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