Sustainability High on Agenda

Groenland Conservancy’s AGM Agenda focuses on Sustainability

One of our directors, Alastair Kilpin, recently attended the Groenland Conservancy’s annual general meeting where the focus was on sustainability. Here is his feedback:

The AGM was well attended at the lovely Oak Valley Pool Room. Once the financials, budget and directors had all been swiftly approved we had the opportunity to hear from Rory Allardice on what real sustainability is all about. He focused on diversifying the farm economy especially.

His words also tied in well with the next speaker Hans King from the Department of Agriculture, who used examples from around the Cape to clarify what happens when rivers are not looked after. He identified the main threats as encroachment of alien vegetation in riverbeds and the tampering of the flow and natural structure of the river. Perhaps most importantly, he focused on the mindset of the landowner in terms of how his decision-making affects the rivers that in turn affects the broader community of farmers and townsfolk.

Both speakers gave us some excellent food for thought and ideas to actually start working with. Delicious snacks and Oak Valley wines were enjoyed as people connected after the AGM.

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  Vol 2, Issue 3 - September 2015
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